Priority One Plumbing and Air delivers award-winning water heater installations, replacements, as well as repairs, maintenance, and warranty service. Our company also provides prompt and reliable water restoration services, including water and sewage removal, cleaning and disinfecting, drying of contents and property and much more. All technicians are company-employees, licensed and background checked. Priority One Plumbing and Air have provided skilled residential and commercial plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning services for almost two decades.

Whether it’s emergency or preventative, we always provide free estimates on water heater replacements.

We pride ourselves on our track-record of outstanding customer service, even providing same-day service if you call by 12 p.m. With years of experience, you can trust our technicians will go over all mandatory work to bring your home back to order, ensuring your safety for your home and family.


Water Heater Installations, Replacements


Water Heater Repairs & Plumbing Service


Water Heater Installations & Replacements

Water Heater Repairs & Maintenance

If your shower isn’t getting hot, you’re quickly running out of hot water, or your water heater is leaking, call us immediately to set up a service call. Our helpful Installation Coordinators will troubleshoot your problem, send out an experienced technician, and make sure you get your hot water back as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Plumbing Repair and Renovation

Our technicians are professionally trained to service buildings and homes of any type or size, including industrial, retail and corporate-grade plumbing and fixtures, efficiently and expeditiously. From replacing a sink to backed-up sewer lines and emergency flooding, Priority One Plumbing and Air can handle whatever plumbing challenges may come you're way.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipes can corrode, crack, and misalign over time, which can allow tree roots and other objects to enter the lines. This can produce blockages and cause a reduction in wastewater flow from your home or business to the municipal lines. Sometimes, pipe damage can also result in sewage overflows, creating a catastrophe.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

The most frequent source of sewer drain blockages is the simple buildup of dirt, debris and mineral deposits. If you are a restaurant worker or employed in a food processing facility, you have seen firsthand how quickly grease and other organic matter can accumulate in pipes and drain lines.

High Pressure Jetting

First, under tremendous pressure, a hose is propelled by water into the sewer line. Next, the line is cleaned by powerful forward and reverse jets of water. The jets wash the scale, silt, sand, grease and other materials back to the manhole. At this point, the debris is responsibly removed from the line, decreasing the chance of future blockages.

Leak Detection and Line Locating

We will quickly pinpoint the source of the leak using our cutting edge equipment and technical expertise and take appropriate steps to decrease the cost and waste of water loss. Before digging, we can also help locate telecommunication, natural gas, fiber optics, television, and other utility lines to prevent damages or injuries from occurring.

Water Restoration

Water damage can be disastrous. A few inches of water can be a serious danger to building components, interior furnishings, and occupants. Our prompt and reliable water damage restoration services can reduce the harmful effects of water. Our professionals will work quickly to mitigate the damage and work directly with your insurance carrier, reducing the headaches for you.

Back-flow Testing and Repair

What is backflow? Backflow is the reverse flow of dirty water through clean water lines, which can introduce contaminants such as feces, pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer and other materials. Most commercial properties are required by law to have yearly testing and certification of their backflow meters.

Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing is a method that permits repairs and installation of new piping without draining the entire system. Once the repair or installation has taken place, the frozen pipe merely thaws and resumes operation.

Fixture Repair

If you have a leaky faucet or a toilet that is not operating properly, or a garbage disposal that is not working it is best to call an expert to help with your problem.

Grease Trap Pumping

Restaurants and businesses that are involved in food service and the handling of food wastes are very aware that they must clean grease traps regularly to keep a business running without odor and to prevent back-ups. Wastes such as animal fats and vegetable oils can create a blockage in the kitchen plumbing system before they ever reach sanitary sewer lines.


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