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Our Goal

Not all plumbing companies can guarantee 24/7 service, superior workmanship and parts, licensed and insured experts, and courteous support from uniformed professionals. Whether you are in need of drain cleaning or would like to schedule a plumbing inspection for your home, Priority One Plumbing and Air is ready to help. Our skilled plumbers are knowledgeable and equipped with the latest tools needed to achieve phenomenal results.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on providing courteous, friendly, affordable, and effective plumbing service. We take our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations! From on-time arrivals to licensed and certified plumbing experts, we make sure homeowners are getting the very best in their home. You can have total peace of mind and confidence when you call us. We stand behind our work and go the extra mile to get the job done quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home.

What are the benefits of our company?

  • Priority Scheduling: Have an emergency? Our Phones Are Answered 24 Hours A Day 365 Days A Year! We have you covered. Whenever you need us, we’ll put you at the top of the list.
  • Preferential Pricing: As a Priority One customer, you get exclusive pricing for all our services. Our prices are typically several hundred dollars below our competitor's.
  • Personalized Records: We document our inspections and notes on your plumbing system to ensure we can provide a fast and effective diagnosis.
  • Quick service: We typically provide same day service and have a qualified water heater technician at your door within a few hours of your initial phone call.
  • Quality products guaranteed: Priority One Plumbing and Air guarantee to only work with approved parts and high-quality water heaters. All our repairs and replacements are compliant with the current city, county and state code requirements to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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Ryan G.

Priority One completely exceeded expectations in every way.  I had a leaky hose faucet on a relatively new house so I scheduled an appointment through his website.  He showed up right on time and took a look at it.  He didn't have the part to replace it so he ran over to a parts store to get it, but told me not to worry because he wouldn't charge me for that time.  After he got the part and fixed the faucet, we were talking about how long it should last and I mentioned that this one failed in under a year.  He thought about it and got a gauge that showed that the water pressure was too high, indicating some valve inside the house wasn't working.  It's not a common part so he started calling around to see who had it in stock.  He was on the phone for over 20 minutes in his van calling all around the city.  He finally found one that could be here in two days, but he kept making calls to see if he could get one quicker. When he was done and it was time to pay, he only charged me for the 15 minutes it took him to replace the part even though he was working on my job for about 2 hours. He came back in two days and replaced the other valve and now everything seems to be working great.  If he didn't take the time to diagnose the root cause of the problem, I'm sure it would have kept causing plumbing problems for years.  Fantastic job!

Leanne P.

I own a townhome, and for as long as I've owned it, I've always heard a knocking sound near my water heater whenever the water is turned on and off inside my house.  A repairman who came out to fix my water heater had guessed that it was a loose pipe inside the wall.  Fearing the worst, I looked to Priority One Plumbing and Air to find the problem. I scheduled my appointment for a Saturday morning, and the plumber showed up right on time. After explaining the situation, he inspected the area where the noise was coming from. He checked inside and outside the house but wasn't convinced it was a loose pipe. Ten minutes later, he checked the pipes coming from the water heater and sees that the culprit is a pressure valve that is working as normal. With my ignorance of the situation, he could have easily turned it into a huge "repair". However, his honesty was incredibly appreciated.  He was in an out in 30 minutes, and the cost was negligible. Thanks, Priority One. Hopefully, I won't need your services again, but I'll definitely call on you if I do!

Tim V,

I was more than pleased with Priority One. My tenants were having an issue with the shower handle being loose. The plumber they sent showed up right on time. It took him 10 minutes. He said he would find a replacement part and start there. He didn't think it was going to be a bigger job. He said he would schedule with my tenant for another time to come back and finish the job. Later that same day he called to say he found a part for $29, and he would call the tenant and see if he could get back on the same day to fix the problem. He said it would take him 10 minutes tops. He called again later to say the job was done and if there was a problem in the future with the handle he would follow up. I haven't received the bill yet, but I know it will be less than what I thought I was going to spend. It is such a comfort to have a reliable plumber that isn't going to price gouge you. This company is wonderful to work with and I will use them again in the future.

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